Championship Coffee Weekend


Coffee Buddies,

Our own Phat Uncle, a.k.a. @kulikopi, a.k.a. Hendri Kurniawan just got home from his mission as one of the judges in World Championship Barista 2014 (WBC 2014) in Rimini, Italy. And, guess what he brought back to our humble abode in Pasar Santa? No, not just coffee. It’s a bunch of championship coffee. Coffee used by the barista champions! The highly, carefully selected beans that compete in the world stage! And, now … those beans will be available for us all in ABCD, Pasar Santa, this weekend. A truly rare opportunity for the geekiest coffee junkies!

So, here are the schedule and menu for our Pop-Up Coffee Bar this weekend:



As usual: we brew as good as we can, and you fill up the Red Tip Jar as generous as you can.

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