A Weekend of Spontaneous Collaboration

Josh serving his signature Shaken Cold Brew.

Josh serving his signature Shaken Cold Brew.

Once again, we’ve had a great weekend with fellow coffee enthusiasts in Jakarta. We witnessed how our humble kiosk has brought us to many new collaborations.

On Saturday, July 5, Josh Estey, the Daddy of Bear&Co. Pop-Up Coffee Bike, became our Guest Brewer. He brought his awesome custom-built bike to our kiosk, and a tank of cold brew. His signature cold brew was shaken for 45 seconds, creating a foam on the top. It almost looked like a cold stout instead! His cold brew was a big hit.

Moreover, Josh performed his hidden magic skills. He charmed us by juggling a crystal-clear ball with his hands. Meanwhile, his kickass wife Dian and their children Diva, Xenia and Nic also came by bringing free homemade apple crumble for all. They also brought the cool Bear&Co. jerseys to sell. The lovely Esteys truly added strength to the family-bond we always felt in the pasar.


Overwhelming love and enthusiasm for some good coffee!

The Bruna Blend with Bonsoy created a very delicious Soy Cappuccino.

The Bruna Blend with Bonsoy created a very delicious Soy Cappuccino.

Another unpredictable surprise was the visit of our friend Til from Bonsoy Indonesia. Yes, Bonsoy the magical soy milk! Til, a.k.a. @eetil on Instagram, also became our Guest Barista. Coffee lovers were spoiled by the loveliest Soy Cappuccinos ever! (Oh, if you’re wondering how a Soy Cappuccino could taste good, you should really try using Bonsoy. Bonsoy changes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!) Please give a five to @BonsoyID on Instagram, too. We are so damn proud to collaborate with Til and Bonsoy!

We brought 500 gr of Bruna Espresso Blend by Roots Bangkok for our first edition of Bangkok Dangerous, and they were finished to the very last bean. Our place went really crowded at the Buka Puasa (breaking the fast) hour, and we were overwhelmed by the love and enthusiasm for coffee shown by our friends. We even ended up running out of water and milk! Luckily, we ran out of them right on the time we planned to roll down the doors.

Til from Bonsoy Indonesia as our Guest Barista.

Til from Bonsoy Indonesia as our Guest Barista.

On Sunday, July 6, we were scheduled to open at 3pm. Yet, first couple of friends already showed up at 1.30pm! They were none other than Movie Geek Rusli “Sly” Eddy and his friend Edwin. Old friends Adinda Simandjuntak and her husband Edwin – the director of award-winning The Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly quickly joined us with their cute little boy Jiri. Soon, we have more friends coming by, including the beloved Honestly Muesli (@honestlymuesli on Instagram).

The day went rather slow as the rain fell quite hard. Our Baristas With Attitude (Problems)™ had a relaxing and quiet day at the pasar, finishing Ceresia Coffee Roaster‘s Colombia Finca La Falda, and trying out Mecca Espresso‘s Darkhorse Blend, and Coffee Alchemy’s Goodness Galileo. Yet, at around 7.30pm, coffee enthusiasts returned to flock. We finally wrapped up the weekend with a cheerful bunch of friends.

Also blessing our weekend were Fruit Choux-es by @sepotongkue (on Instagram). At Rp7,500 only, this piece of heaven made a great companion for the coffee we serve.

Heavenly Fruit Choux!

Heavenly Fruit Choux!

These are collaborations made not out of business meetings but some blending of passions and friendships. In the name of Coffee, we say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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