#ngopidipasar Coffee No Kiasu – Sat & Sun, July 19-20


You kno’, Uncle Ve just came back from Orchard Road, lor. He go to many, many coffee shops, he go drink coffee too much, lah.

He go buy good good beans from friends he got there, lah. He bring coffee from Nylon, Strangers Reunion and Common Man to pasar this weekend. So, you come, lah, and try these coffee. They come all the way from Colombia, from Brazil (oh, poor Brazil in football, no?), from Rwanda, from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia also. They make nice espresso and filtered coffee, lor!

You don’t come, you miss a lot, eh? Because I tell you why. Next weekend we close. Yes, next weekend July 26-27 you go all pulang kampong, lah. So, this weekend we ngopidipasar, OK? This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, July 19 and 20, you come to Ay-Bee-See-Dee in Pasar Santa, orite? We open to make you good good coffee from 3 pm until 9 pm or until we blur, lah.

We got expensive beans for you. Singapo’ Dollar so high lah these days. These coffee no kiasu, and so are you. So, don’t be cheapo with your tip, ok? We need to pay electric bills also, lah! Thank you, thank you. Uncle trust you generous.

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