ABCD – School of Coffee


ABCD School of Coffee aims to be the humble Shaolin for coffee enthusiasts. Here, you can learn to simply brush up your coffee knowledge, to brew great coffee at home, or even to start a professional career as a barista.

Why choose ABCD School of Coffee? We give you Four Awesome Reasons:


You will be trained by none other than Hendri Kurniawan, a.k.a. Phat Uncle, a.k.a. @kulikopi, who is a:

Certified World Barista Championship Judge for Technical
Certified World Latte Art Championship Judge for Visual and Sensory
Certified World Coffee in Good Spirits Judge for Technical and Taste
Licensed Q Grader

We challenge you to find any other man with this many accolades in the country. Hendri is also the consultant behind many successful coffee shops in Indonesia.


Each class accommodates a maximum of three persons. We will still run the class even if only two students applied. Very personal, very intimate.


Your learning won’t stop after you complete the classes. You will have the opportunity to be interns in our popular pop-cup coffee bar. You will have the experience of working with baristas with attitude (problems), and of serving coffee for connoiseurs, coffee-snobs, other baristas, and amateurs alike!


Your course fee will also contribute to the training of selected students from orphanages. Together, we will train them to become professional baristas, and we will give them a better future. These privileged graduates will be part of our family.

ABCD School of Coffee is located inside our kiosk in Pasar Santa A.L01-BKS No. 75-77, Jl. Cipaku 1, South Jakarta. The layout of our kiosk is standardized according to the Rules & Regulations of World Barista Championship.



This 12-hour class, spread over 3 days, is your comprehensive barista camp. You will learn just about everything a barista needs to know: from the history of coffee, variety of beans, grinding, introduction to roasting, manual brewing, to making espressos, cappuccinos, you-name-it. This is an intensive program designed not only for baristas, but also café owners and operators. The contents of this program include all materials of A, B, C and DE1 Class.
Rp5,000,000/person. Maximum 6 persons in one class. 3 days, 4 hours each. Includes: Certificate.

A for Appreciation Class
Why coffee? How did it start? What did dancing goats have to do with it? Why is it so different and delicious now? How can it taste like berries, nuts, chocolate, or flowers?! What is a green bean? What is roasting? Why should I grind my coffee right before I want to brew it? This class will answer those questions and turn you into a coffee snob in a flash. In short, you will know everything a cool barista should.
Rp500,000/person. Maximum 10 persons in one class. 120 mins.

B for Brewing Class
“I want to brew coffee at home and impress my lover every morning.” Now, you can! This is where you will learn the meticulous art of manual brewing. How to pick the right beans, how to grind it well, and how to know the basic tools and equipments. You will also learn to brew using different methods (pourover, immersion, dripper, and such!) You’ll go out of this class as a coffee geek. Don’t be surprised if you’ll end up building your own coffee lab at home.
Prerequisite: Appreciation Class. Rp1,000,000/person. Maximum 6 persons in one class. 120 mins.


C for Cupping Class
Cup tasters can specifically tell and address the notes of different coffee. This skill holds an important key in coffee trading. Cupping Class will train your overall sense of smell (olfactory) and taste, and help you define the flavours and notes of each cup of coffee in front of you. This introductory class to Q Grading will crown you as a coffee connoisseur.
Prerequisite: Appreciation Class. Rp1,250,000/person. Maximum 6 persons in one class. 120 mins.

DE1 for Definitive Espresso Class
Still reading? This means you’re more than in love with cappuccino or latte. You want to make one for yourself, but you wonder how. It all seems complicated and difficult. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. In two days, you will be able to pull a good espresso shot, steam the milk, serve a cup of cappuccino, latte, piccolo, or magic! After this class, all you need is an apron to call yourself a barista. (Oh, and some cool tattoos on your hands.)
Prerequisite: Appreciation Class. Rp3,250,000/person. Maximum 6 persons in one class. 2×240 mins.


Learn from the expert in a small, semi-private class. Get the fun working experience. And take part in giving a better future to the underprivileged.

For Classes Schedule and Registrations, please email:

ABCD School of Coffee is located in Jl. RP Soeroso no. 22, Gondangdia, Central Jakarta.

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  9. Bagaimana cara bisa menghubungi ABCD ???
    Tidak ada no telepon kah ?

    Terima kasih bila ada yg bisa bantu untuk beri informasi contact number abcd.


    • Selamat Siang,

      Kami bisa dihubungi melalui email yang tertera. Apakah Anda sudah mendapatkan email dari kami yang terkirim pagi hari ini? Mohon maaf apabila balasan tersebut agak terlambat.

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