MILK DAY: Free Cappuccinos Plus Charity!


On the third day of ABCD Class, or second day of DE1 (Definitive Espresso) Class, participants of ABCD School of Coffee will practice how to steam and pour the milk into the cups, and blend them with the perfectly pulled espresso shots. Yup, basically these are white coffee in 6 oz. vessels, a.k.a. cappuccino.

Each participant will end up making up to 20 cups of cappuccinos, and there is no way we can finish them all. In the prehistoric days we will throw away these white coffee with no conscience. Today, we are civilized. And kindhearted. So, we will pour the cappuccinos into some paper cups, and serve them on our open bar. Anybody, any passers-by, can grab these delicious cups, and go, and forget about our existence.

Are these cups good? First, even in our classes we use specialty grade, freshly roasted coffee beans. They are not cheapo, and they will not hurt your tummy. Secondly, we use Fresh Milk from Greenfields. Third, our instructors make sure that the participants will pull the espresso shots and steam the milk correctly. So, there is no reason not to finish these cups.

What will be lacking is the latte art. Hey, it takes a lot of practice to make a perfect latte art, even if it’s just a shape of plain heart.


Yes, the cups are for you. For free. But, we will still put the Red Appreciation Jar on our bar. In case you are generous, kind, and charitably, and you want to put US$1,000,000 for those cups, the whole thing will go for charity.

What kind of charity? Many kinds! We collect the money for natural disasters (rainy season is coming, yo!), for Pasar Santa community, or even to support the underpaid baristas who need financial support for serious needs like medication.

So, keep following our Instagram account @abcd_coffee, and enjoy the next Milk Day!

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