ABCD School of Coffee in Bali: Appreciation Classes


ABCD School of Coffee was started in Jakarta. The learning center focuses on raising appreciation over coffee in general through classes that are designed not only for those who want to gain barista skills, but also to have a better understanding and further knowledge about coffee itself.

Since August 2014, ABCD School of Coffee has run over a hundred fully-booked classes. Participants mostly come from Jakarta, with additional enthusiastic ones from Singapore, Malaysia, Medan, Jambi, Riau, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, and more.

We are now starting to hold Appreciation Classes in Bali.

For more detailed information about ABCD School of Coffee, please click here.

What is Appreciation Class?

Appreciation Class is the A of ABCD School of Coffee. The lecture runs two hours long. PhatUncle™ Hendri Kurniawan – Founder and Chief Trainer of ABCD School of Coffee – will share the basic knowledge on coffee; from the old history of coffee beans, the distribution, the biological nature of coffee beans, the many kinds of species and varietals, how we plant, nurture, and process coffee beans, and so forth.

Furthermore, PhatUncle™ will guide us through the evolution of coffee lifestyle; how our ancestors first consumed coffee, until what has become of it now – the latest trend in coffee shops, the most updated technology and science in coffee brewing, and the overview of today’s third-wave, specialty coffee industry. This is a class that lays foundation to a new caffeine-fuelled lifestyle, and the very first baby-step to become a barista or coffee brewer.

Appreciation Class is the class that everybody has to take before joining the other classes.

What are the other classes in ABCD School of Coffee?

If A is Appreciation, then we have B, C, and DE1 Classes. B is Brewing, C is Cupping, and DE1 is Definitive Espresso Class. In Brewing we will learn the basic principles and methods of manual brewing – or making coffee without espresso machine. In Cupping we will train our sensory to explore the many flavours, aroma, and notes of different coffee beans, and learn how to evaluate and examine them. Cupping is the very heart of all coffee knowledge. In Definitive Espresso Class we will learn about espresso, the principles and methods of making an espresso beverage, the many kinds of espresso machines, how to make an espresso shot, how to steam the milk, and how to make cappuccino. We will hold Brewing, Cupping, and Definitive Espresso classes in Bali very soon after the Appreciation Classes.


Sunday, April 26, 2015, 17.00-19.00 (Code: DPS/A/001)
Monday, April 27, 2015, 17.00-19.00 (Code: DPS/A/002)
Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 17.00-19.00 (Code: DPS/A/003)

Note: Each class is for maximum 6 (six) participants

Venue: Eleven Elephants, Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa 11E, Canggu, Bali. (From Seminyak/Petitenget/Batu Balig area, 2Km after Canggu Club, on the left, right across Taco Love.)


Joining Fee: Rp500,000/person.

Please send an email to with subject “Request Registration Form for ABCD School of Coffee in Bali”. We will send you a Registration Form. Send back the Registration Form that you have filled out completely.

We hope to see you very soon in Bali!

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