#CoffeeForMom – Our Charity Brew


Last month – before this blog was even born! – we popped-up our coffee bar for charity. The mother of a barista who’s a close friend to us was falling sick and hospitalized. So, we aptly called this program #CoffeeForMom.

Back then, a roasting class held by Master Roaster Manuel Diaz from Mexico was taking place in Kelapa Gading. The event was held by Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI). The class roasted a lot of Bali Kintamani beans. SCAI was kind enough to donate so many bags of roasted beans from that class, and we used them in this charity. We sold the best roasts in bags, and we brew the rest in our humble abode. We sold out all the bags in a flash. Everything went for this charity.

This Lego coffee-tray was among the auction items for #CoffeeForMom.

This Lego coffee-tray was among the auction items for #CoffeeForMom.

Meanwhile, our other friends also gave a lot of cool stuff for some online auction – from Lego bow-tie to a branded bag! During the pop-up, so many came and fill our infamous Red Tip Jar that surely went for the medication of our mother’s friend as well.

It’s overwhelming to witness how real friendships were proven in real acts. In result, we collected Rp8,625,000. From the very bottom of our hearts, we thank all who had participated in this charity event. We have proved together that goodness exists, even in the darkest colour of coffee.


Championship Coffee Weekend


Coffee Buddies,

Our own Phat Uncle, a.k.a. @kulikopi, a.k.a. Hendri Kurniawan just got home from his mission as one of the judges in World Championship Barista 2014 (WBC 2014) in Rimini, Italy. And, guess what he brought back to our humble abode in Pasar Santa? No, not just coffee. It’s a bunch of championship coffee. Coffee used by the barista champions! The highly, carefully selected beans that compete in the world stage! And, now … those beans will be available for us all in ABCD, Pasar Santa, this weekend. A truly rare opportunity for the geekiest coffee junkies!

So, here are the schedule and menu for our Pop-Up Coffee Bar this weekend:



As usual: we brew as good as we can, and you fill up the Red Tip Jar as generous as you can.

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